Thursday, April 29, 2010

Killer Tattoo Choices

Finding a killer tattoo can be difficult when there are so many modern and classic designs to choose from, while at the same time certain tattoos become too trendy and generic. Here's some tried and true killer tattoo choices to consider:

1. Dragon tattoos. No matter how common or how often you've seen a dragon tattoo, they always catch the eye in a very alluring way. They are powerful designs and you can't help but look at and admire the detail, the colors and the boldness that dragon tattoos posses. They also have strong representation to them, and can easily stand for both beauty and power.

2. Star tattoo. While much more common now days, it use to be that the star tattoo was mainly worn by sailors shipping out to see as a symbol of guidance, strength and finding one's way back home. This took the form of the nautical star tattoo. Because of the deep history of the star tattoo it remains a killer choice to get. And now one is not limited to just the nautical star design, but there are many other star tattoo designs available.

3. Mural tattoo. This involves incorporating different designs into one, mural like, unique tattoo. This is a killer tattoo choice because you're telling a story. Each tattoo can represent something important to you and the sum of all the tattoos placed together represents your life at the time or all the ideals you hold true as an individual. A great way to develop a mural tattoo is by going through an online tattoo catalog or collection and looking at all the various designs, while setting aside your favorites for potential inclusion into your mural.

I've discovered a great online tattoo collection where you can choose from hundreds of killer choices and use them for free. See Hundreds of designs including dragons, stars and many more for putting together your own mural. and thanks for reading.

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