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UV Glow in Dark TattoosTemporary transfer tattoos are growing increasingly popular with young and fashion-conscious people, for it provides them with the opportunity to be confident, cosmopolitan and uninhibited without having to engage in the lifelong commitment of a permanent tattoo. Event coordinators and party planners alike rely on our temporary body art to provide the most cutting edge entertainment value. From small, intimate gatherings to large-scale festivities, the process of temporary transfer tattooing can act as a unique way to distinguish your event from the average, run-of-the-mill gathering. With proper care, an airbrush tattoo will adhere to the skin for about one week - even with exposure to water. Application of alcohol will allow the wearer to easily remove their tattoo in the event that they'd like a change, or simply no longer desire their current design.
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Temporary Body Tattoos could be called as a step ahead in Bindis. They were created to express the eternal desire and bring beauty into every day life through these sizzling tattoos. These can give you a glamorous and exotic look to anybody's persona. There is a different design for every mood and every occasion. The best thing is they are affordable, clinically tested & temporary.

We can provide a wide and extensive range of temporary transfer tattoos covering the whole spectrum of colors. Picasso Tattoos can a wide range of temporary tattoo whether in traditional black, one color or multicolored, silver, gold or a metallic color of your choice or Glow in Dark. In the right hands and venue, these can generate an incredible amount of revenue. Designer or Custom Transfer Tattoos are always a winner at theme parks, beach resorts, clubs and parties worldwide... wherever folks are out for a good time!

Picasso Water Transfers are available in black, silver, golden, radium (UV tattoos) and in different colors. Any design that you can see in our online catalogue can be available in any color of your demand. . We are exporting these beautiful body / skin tattoos to countries like USA, Canada, London ( UK ), Australia, Brasil (Brazil) , New Zealand, Latvia, France, Hungry, Dubai ( U.A.E.), Germany, rest of the Europe and many other parts of world.

Places to get Tattoos

The biggest question one reaches after deciding to get a tattoo is, "where should the tattoo be located?" That's a tough question that deserves careful consideration. Let's highlight some of the more popular areas on the body for tattoos as well as some of their pros and cons:


The back is a very popular region for tattoos, and for good reason. One of the biggest benefits of a back tattoo is its relative lack of exposure. In the professional world, no one will ever know you have a back tattoo unless you want them to know. Inversely, the casual world will generally have good familiarity that you have a tattoo. Guys take their shirts off at the beach, girls wear skimpy blouses that allow for parts of a lower back tattoo to be exposed, you get the picture. For most people, the back serves at the perfect destination for a tattoo due to it's flexibility in exposure.

Lower Arm

The arm below the elbow, or forearm, is a very popular place to get a tattoo, especially amongst men. Usually tattoos in this region will either resemble a bracelet of sorts, or sprawl past the elbow into the upper arm and sometimes even the back and shoulders. Generally those receiving a tattoo on their lower arm already have a few tattoos in less exposed areas. If you are getting your first tattoo, it may be advisable to avoid the lower arm until you have more familiarity with some of the social consequences that are carried with the art of ink.

Upper Arm/Shoulder

This region is a hot spot for tattoos regardless of your sex. For men, a tattoo the wraps around muscular areas such as the bicep or shoulder can give off an image of toughness or power. Women enjoy the sex appeal that comes from exposing an inked shoulder. Try on some of your favorite t-shirts before getting a tattoo in this region so that you might take note of where most of your shirts begin covering skin. One of the problems with tattoos on the upper arm is that they are often half-exposed and half-covered, which some people do not like.


Tattoos on the lower part of the leg share some advantages of a back tattoo in that they are often covered in professional settings. The problem is that they are often covered in social settings as well. It's not something we often think about, but the lower leg is rarely exposed, especially those of people who live in colder climates. Some men also feel that tattoos in this region are too feminine. This fear isn't without some justification. Ankle tattoos became very popular among women in the past couple of decades.

Intimate Regions

For most people, a tattoo would ideally be seen by many. Tattoos in intimate regions, such as the buttocks or genitalia area, are often only seen by, well, those we are intimate with. The difference between a tattoo in this area and most other tattoos is that these are emotional, the latter tend to be more social. If you're weighing whether or not to ink your private parts, just bear in mind that not many people will know it's there. If that's what you want, by all means, go for it.

Beware of Black Henna

A type of temporary tattoo is a "henna" tattoo. These are very popular among tourists in vacation destinations who want to return home with the memory of their trip inked on their skin. A natural henna tattoo is created from the orangeish dye produced by the plant's leaves. This dye binds with skin and takes weeks to wear off, which makes it a great candidate for temporary tattoos. The only problem with henna is its orange hue. Understandably, those looking for a temporary tattoo want it colored black. Enter "black henna".
First off, there is no such thing as henna dye that is black in color. Anything marketed as "black henna" isn't henna whatsoever, it's usually hair dye. The problem with using hair dye as a basis for temporary tattoos is one of its chemicals, para-phenylenediamine (PPD). This chemical can cause severe allergic reactions among people, including permanent scaring from blisters, lingering sensitivities to chemicals, and painful itching. When PPD is absorbed by the skin, it decreases the body's tolerance to effectively adjust to the toxin. One black henna tattoo might not cause any significant harm, but a second or third (or simply having your hair dyed down the road) could trigger an intense allergic reaction.
The PPD concentrates in hair dye are generally around 6%. Instructions warn applicants not to allow the dye to touch the scalp, and to rinse off the dye quickly. PPD levels in black henna pastes can reach upwards of 60% and are left on the skin for around thirty minutes. In most western countries, PPD is actually illegal for use on skin. While black henna tattoos still may be offered in tourist areas of western countries, they are much more popular in second world areas such as Costa Rica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, or the Caribbean Islands.
Before deciding to get a temporary tattoo, fully investigate whether or not PPD is used in the dye for the paste. Remember, there is no such thing as black henna. If you want a henna tattoo, go for it; just note that the hue of the paste should be a reddish orange.

Back Tattoo - Sexy or Trashy?

A popular place for women to get a tattoo is on their lower back. This sensual position allows the wearer to expose her tattoo when she is in a more casual setting (such as a beach or a bar), but be able to cover it up in a work setting.
Some believe the lower back tattoo is sexy; others view it as trashy, referring to it as a .tramp stamp.. Most often, girls that refer to it as this are tramps themselves are just doing it to feel better about themselves.
There are many different types of back tattoo designs to choose from. Some of them are quite large, and encompass most of the lower back. Others are smaller, similar to a thigh tattoo or small upper arm tattoo. Lower back tattoos can be both multi-color or single color.
In my experience, the single color tattoos look best, since the multi-color ones can fade or look messy over time. The single color tattoos are also easier to remove, so they are best if you have second thoughts later. The single color tattoos are also a bit more discrete, adding a layer of mystery that is a little sexier and less trashy in my opinion.
When choosing a tattoo design, some women opt for something that is special to them, whereas others just go for something that looks good or cute. Most go for the latter. Remember, while it is nice to get a tattoo design that has a special meaning to you, ultimately, you will have this tattoo for life. While the symbolism might have meaning to you now, it may mean little to you in a few years. Cool and sexy does not change as much, so it is often better to go for something more aesthetically pleasing than something that may have a special significance to you.

How to get Tattoo Designs

Finding the perfect tattoo can sometimes be as impossible as finding the perfect spouse or dog. One day you'll love it, and the next you'll wish it wasn't there. As with all things permanent, it would be wise to address any candidate tattoo design with the utmost scrutiny. After all, it's your skin and that ink isn't exactly going to wash off in the shower. When looking for a tattoo design, there are plenty of options at your disposal. Don't be afraid to search endlessly for the perfect design. If you ask people with multiple tattoos to tell you about their favorite one, chances are they'll tell you it took them a long time to settle on the design. Here are a few ideas for tracking down a tattoo design that you'll fall in love with:

In-House Designs

Most tattoo artists like to design tattoos in their free time. Some of them are quite talented. Of course, many of them are quite terrible as well! Regardless, visit a few local tattoo parlors. If you're impressed with the designs of the first place you walk into, think of how impressed you might be with the second or third. It is important to remember that one needn/t observe tattoo designs in parlors in rigid terms. In other words, if you spot a design that you like, but would like a lot more with a few small adjustments, talk to the artist. They aren't called "artists" for nothing! If they're worth their salt, they will be happy to help tweak one of their designs into the perfect tattoo for you.

The Internet

The internet can usually solve about nine problems out of ten, and "where can I find a good tattoo design?" isn't one of the exceptions. There are literally tens of thousands of tattoo designs available on the internet. The best part is, most of them are free! How do you go about getting a design you find online to wind up on your arm (or back, or ass, or. well. you get the point)? Simply print it off. Most tattoo artists should be capable of inking about anything you find. For exceptionally complicated designs, don't be afraid to prod around a little bit to verify that your tattoo artist knows what he or she is doing. The last thing you want is to be someone's test dummy for the most challenging tattoo they've created in their life!
If you find several designs that you like, and chances are you will, print all of them off and consult with your artist to help narrow your decision. After all, they do this for a living; you'll be surprised some of the little nuances they might be able to point out that will help you make up your mind.

Design Your Own

There's no better way to get exactly the tattoo that you want other than by designing one yourself. Of course, you may be thinking, "but, I'm horribly inartistic!" If that is the case, give it a shot anyway. Remember, your design doesn't have to be a work of art, it just has to be something from which the real artist (the guy with the painful needle thingy) can characterize what it is that you want. The best tattoo artists will happily take your stick-figure abomination of a tattoo design (that you probably drew on a napkin at Burger King) and recreate it into the vision you had all along.

Recruit A Friend

This is a gutsy way of going about choosing a tattoo design, but it can also be one of the most satisfying. If you have any close friends who are particularly artistic, ask them to help you with a design. I'm sure you'll be surprised at how willing people are to meet this request. It can be hard to visualize one's self, let alone visualize a tattoo that perfectly captures your essence. I say, leave all the dirty work to another person! As long as you trust your friend, ask him or her to create a design that they feel perfectly captures what you're going for. Many of the most loved tattoos to grace an epidermis were designed by, who else? A loved one.

The Best Tattoo Designs are Timeless

Speaking on the topic of popular tattoo designs is a touchy subject. Today's eye-catching design is tomorrow's "oh wow, you have some meaningless Asian symbol on your back like everyone else." The best tattoos (like the best music, movies, and vehicles) are timeless. When looking for a good tattoo design, I would advice above all else to not choose one that is "popular." Sure, it might win over the approval of your friends in the short-term, but think of all the things that were "popular" ten years ago. Would you care to be caught dead amidst those things today?
It would be easy to bombard you with different kinds of very popular tattoos being inked all over the world today. But if you came here to be told that a barbed-wire bicep tattoo is "cool", then you need more help than I can provide. Everyone knows what types of tattoos are popular. I'll bet a dollar to a punch in the stomach that many of them will be anything but "cool" in a decade. So rather than focus on what everyone else is doing, let's focus on how to go about finding a unique tattoo design that will be something you'll proudly display for years to come. After all, Family Guy might be a popular TV show today, will it be popular forever? Probably not. Your tattoo, however, plans to be around for quite a long time.
Finding the perfect tattoo can sometimes be as impossible as finding the perfect spouse or dog. One day you'll love it, and the next you'll wish it wasn't there. Like a friend of mine who was dared to tattoo a figure of George Bush doing yoga on his forearm while drunk - there never was a day he regretted that move. As with all things permanent, it would be wise to address any candidate tattoo design with the utmost scrutiny. After all, it's your skin and that ink isn't exactly going to wash off in the shower. When looking for a tattoo design, there are plenty of options at your disposal. Don't be afraid to search endlessly for the perfect design. If you ask people with multiple tattoos to tell you about their favorite one, chances are they'll tell you it took them a long time to settle on the design. Here are a few ideas for tracking down a tattoo design that you'll fall in love with:

Avoid References to Anything Mainstream

An easy way to filter out any "popular" (and thus, likely not timeless) tattoo is to avoid anything transient. Pretend for a moment that you're an alien observing Earth from outer space. You look around, and generally get a really good feel for the place. Then, you fly away and come back ten years later to look around again. If you think your tattoo has any connection to something that the aliens might see on their first trip, but might not see on their second trip, scrap the idea immediately. This includes characters from movies or TV shows, funny references, or the name of your current partner.

Figure Out What Defines You

In a society with as much pressure and judgment as ours, it can be hard to remember "who you are" at the end of the day. To remember this, you might spend some time in solitude or in the company of really close friends. In this moment, you'll be more aware of the worldview and qualities you won't mind expressing through a tattoo. A tattoo design that truly captures the essence of an individual is almost never a bad one. Trust me, your essence is more than just Cartman from South Park mooning someone or the logo of the superhero whose movie is coming out this summer.

Ambiguity Is Good

In general, try to avoid any tattoo that doesn't need an explanation. A heart that says .Mom. in the middle of it is great and all, but no one needs to ask what it means. It means you love your Mom. The point of a tattoo is to identify yourself and grab the attention of others. Almost everyone loves their Mom, and for exactly that reason, it doesn't make for an interesting tattoo. Of course, you don't want a tattoo that is so ambiguous that even you don't know what it means! So the pretty Chinese symbol hanging on the wall of the tattoo parlor that I think means "love and peace or maybe solidarity, I forget," isn't going to impress anyone. The best tattoo would be the one you'd be most likely to want in a world where you are the last remaining human.