Thursday, November 18, 2010

What is your favorite Tattoo style

I’m a sucker for American traditional. I think it’s what tattoos should look like. Charlie told me once, if you can’t tell what a tattoo is from across the room than it isn’t a good tattoo.
What is the most memorable piece you’ve created? Describe it? Who was it done for?
I’ve done a lot of pieces that I am very proud of on a lot of really great people, but the one that I will probably always remember was a Taz. Years ago, a guy came into the shAdam Potts - Undead Portrait Tattooop and wanted Taz with some words arched above and below. I sat down and drew, well traced, the Taz and then I draw a circle around it to use as a guide for the lettering. When I showed him the drawing I had not erased the circle but explained that it would not be part of the tattoo. He liked the circle and wanted it instead of the letters. I tried to explain to him that a Taz with a big circle around it might not look the best, but he insisted, so I did it. When I finished he looked at his circled Taz in the mirror and said,”I think you were right. This does look kinda stupid.” I said,” It sure does,” then I bandaged him up and sent him on his way.
Tell us about your experience getting your first Tattoo? What did you have done?
I got my first tattoo when I was eighteen, for my mother, who died when I was fifteen. I drew it myself and its a traditional mom heart with a dagger through it.
Is that your favorite Tattoo that you own?
I’ve never thought about “owning” tattoos, but I like all my tattoos. I guess, if I had to pick, it would be my first one or the anchor and heart I got on my wedding day.

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