Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back Tattoo - Sexy or Trashy?

A popular place for women to get a tattoo is on their lower back. This sensual position allows the wearer to expose her tattoo when she is in a more casual setting (such as a beach or a bar), but be able to cover it up in a work setting.
Some believe the lower back tattoo is sexy; others view it as trashy, referring to it as a .tramp stamp.. Most often, girls that refer to it as this are tramps themselves are just doing it to feel better about themselves.
There are many different types of back tattoo designs to choose from. Some of them are quite large, and encompass most of the lower back. Others are smaller, similar to a thigh tattoo or small upper arm tattoo. Lower back tattoos can be both multi-color or single color.
In my experience, the single color tattoos look best, since the multi-color ones can fade or look messy over time. The single color tattoos are also easier to remove, so they are best if you have second thoughts later. The single color tattoos are also a bit more discrete, adding a layer of mystery that is a little sexier and less trashy in my opinion.
When choosing a tattoo design, some women opt for something that is special to them, whereas others just go for something that looks good or cute. Most go for the latter. Remember, while it is nice to get a tattoo design that has a special meaning to you, ultimately, you will have this tattoo for life. While the symbolism might have meaning to you now, it may mean little to you in a few years. Cool and sexy does not change as much, so it is often better to go for something more aesthetically pleasing than something that may have a special significance to you.

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